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Synthetic Lubricants







SF 300

Lower coefficient of frictionless maint. & down time.

Hyd. Sustems, ice m/c,air compressors turbines & circulating systems.

-45 degC to +260 degC.

SF 315
Fire resistant  Hydraulic Fluid.

It is Fire resistant water glycol (HF-C) based hydraulic fluid. Superior fire resistance. Excellent anti-wear performance, low order of toxicity.

Die casting m/c, Hyd. Forging presses & hammers, drive systems in mining industry Robot welding machines.

SF 330.
Fire resistant hydraulic fluid.

It is phosphatester based Fire resistant hydraulic fluid. Elimination of carbonaceous & lacquer deposits, low & high temp. stability, lower coefficient of friction.

Severe service / extreme temp. application Hyd. Systems, ice m/c, air compressors, turbines & circulating systems.

-45degC to + 260degC.

SF 400
Syn. Gear Oil.

Reduced friction,high temp.stability,low temp. fluidity. Wear / shock loading /Rust/ corrosion protection. Elimination of deposits

The cold temperature flow properties of SF 400 offer advantages in start up of critical equipments.

SF 440
Syn. Gear Oil.

Higher gear efficiency, excellent EP, anti-wear properties, oxidation stability & heat resistance.

For heavy duty automotive and industrial gear boxes with sump temperature up to 140 degC, high rated warm gear units.

-25degC  to +250degC

SF 450
Syn. Gear Oil.

Specially developed polyglycol additive of SF 450 allows thermal stable operations at temp .in excess of 200degC Reduced frictional losses, leading to lower sump temp.& higher gear efficiency.

Lubrication of gear and bearing operating at elevated temp.e.g. in Calendar bearing equipments and worm gears

SF 500
Syn .compressor oil.

Outstanding operating temp..range. Good compatibility with elastomers used as seal  in reciprocating compressors. Reduced oil consumption, valve deposits, maintenance cost. Extend oil drainage intervals upto 8000 hrs or 12 months operations.

Virtually eliminates varnish & sludge deposits. Provide better demulsibility, which is needed for rapid & complete water separation – mainly for oil flooded compressors.

-25degC to+250degC

SF 550
Syn. Compressor oil.

Extended drain intervals upto 6000 hrs. before oil change. Superior thermal stability

Can expect rotary screw compressor to be down only once in 8000 hrs for a scheduled oil change instead of 8 times required with petroleum oil.

SF 580
Gas compressor syn. oil.

It is designed for enclosed pattern gas compressors for hydrocarbon & chemical gases where the crankcase and bearing operate in a gas filled atmosphere.

Reduced gas solubility leading to improved wear protection, extended lub life, It is used for following gases – LPG such as propane/ butane,Liquified natural gases such as – methane / ethane. Hydrocarbon gases such as ethylene,pro-
-pylene / butylenes Chemical gases like vinyl chloride / ammonia / butadiene. 

SF 600
Hi-temp.chain lub

Excellent high temp. oxidation resistance. Superior thermal stability for prolonged Extremely low volatility/less lub. Consumption. Outstanding anti wear properties/ reduced chain drag.

Excellent for Stenter frame ovens, ceramic & glass production. Also for paint curing ovens, paper mfg. Plywood prod Can be used as bearing lub in high temp. area.

-25degC to +280degC

SF 610.
Hi Temp. Chain Lub for conveyors.

Excellent high temp. oxidation resistance. Superior thermal stability. Outstanding antiwear properties/reduced chain drag.

Excellent for paint curing ovens, ceramic production, and glass production.

SF 620
Hi temp. chain lub.

Excellent high temp. oxidation resistance. Superior thermal stability. Outstanding anti-wear properties/reduced chain drag.

Excellent for Stenter frame ovens, ceramic / glass paper/plywood production., paint curing ovens bearing lubrication in high temp. environments.

SELCO make Synthetic Greases and Oils.





SG 225.
Wire Rope Lub.

Formulated to penetrate to the core and then touch dry in 3-4 min.It forms elastic coating.

In addition to Wire ropes, can be used as protective coating for numerous marine equip. on docks, ships, drilling platforms, thread lub, chains, gears  pulleys.

SG 250
Open Gear Lub.

Can be applied while surface is in motion,. Rapidly covers all areas with lub. Film. Carrier evaporates leaving a tough tenacious film coating.

Where mating surfaces are not enclosed .Excellent for sprockets/chains/roller circle rails on large drag lines.

SG 350
Hi-temp. Grease.

It is compatible with polymeric type rubber seals/Teflon/viton.

Suitable in anti-friction bearing pumps, bearings of Ele. Motors, conveyors, clutch bearings.

-32degC to +300degC.

SG 360
Spl Grease.

Excellent resistance to rust, oxidation, good stability in presence of water.

Recommended for aviation application.

-60degC to +225degC

SG 370
Spl. Grease.

High resistance to water washing. Compatible with mineral base greases, Extreme pressure characteristics.

Good for conveyor bearings, small alternator bearings operating at temp. near 177 deg C ,high speed miniature bearings, Situation where oscillatory motion, vibrations & fretting create problems.

SG 440
Hi-temp. Grease.

Excellent resistant to water / petroleum products. Extends bearing life.

Recommended where lubrication is required in water environments / wheel bearings/ Ele. Motor bearings/water pumps/ball joints/track rollers etc.

SG 460
Hi-temp. Non-melting grease.

Protects extreme loads & galling & seizing. Resistant to cold and hot water.

Recommended for anti-friction bearing pumps. Ele motor bearings, conveyor bearings, clutch bearings.

-25degC to+ 270degC.

SG 500
Hi-temp. Grease.

At high temp. the fluid base carrier dissipates leaving a layer of lubrication solids like PTFE.

Specially designed for Kiln car wheel bearings & other high temp. applications. Resistant to cold and hot water.

-35deg C to+400deg C

SG 600
Lub spray.

Excellent general purpose dry lub. Thin film of SG 600 will allow effective assy./disassembly of threaded connections without galling/seizing. God for under operating conditions of high load & slow speed.

In machine shops for bed ways/guides/
lead screws/dead centers for smooth and trouble free operations.

-74degC to +400degC

SG 620
Lub. Spray.

Is a dispersion of PTEF. in fast drying solvent system. Effective in high loads and slow speeds.

In machine shops for bed ways/guides/
Lead screws/dead centers for smooth and trouble free operations.

-74degC to + 400degC

SG 630
Lub spray.

Effective as a running-in lubrication. Does not require burnishing, provide low coefficient of friction. Solvent quickly evaporates and allows the parts to use in few seconds.

It is best lubrication available for running-in applications.

-30degC to + 400degC

SG 640
Special Paste.

High lubricity. Great affinity for metal surfaces. Excellent adhesion/supports extreme loads.

As an additive, substantially improves extreme pressure/anti-wear/anti friction capabilities of oils and greases ad provides reliable lubrication.

SG 650
Moly Paste.

High surface coverage, reduces friction and wear. Eliminates stick slip. Prevents seizer, metal to metal contact and reduces fretting corrosion.

Assembly, press-fitting and running-in on plain bearings and sliding surfaces.

SG 660
Special Paste.

Soft, white, extreme pressure solid lubricant paste for assy applications and use as a grease substitute for long term lub.

Bearings,splines and other sliding surfaces in – Electrical applications/household equip./optical instruments/office equip./ Textile and packaging industry.

SG 900
Silicon Lub.

It is silicon lubricating fluid thickened with special complex Lithium soap. Excellent resistance to oxidation/ good
shear stability/antiwear. Does not attract plastics. Has resistance to evaporation. Long life in moisture & corrosive atmosphere.

To lubricate ball bearings/roller bearings and other metal surfaces- Kiln pre heater fans/oven fans/radiator cooling fans/textile hot stenters/ slashers/ driers/ conveyor systems/timer motor bearings / plastic bearings and gears.

-20degC to +240degC





SG 920.
Silicon Grease.

This Silicon grease does not crack/dry-up/ separate into layers due to aging. Spreads uniformly and adheres on dry surfaces of metals/ ceramics /rubber/ PVC/ ele. Insulation etc. It possesses very good electrical properties of high volume resistivity, dielectric. High resistance to arcing and corona.

It is chemically inert and non reactive and thus does not corrode materials. Helps to protect and maintain flexibility of materials made of natural / synthetic rubber, vinyl plastics, and similar materials.

-50 degC to +200degC

SG 940
Special grease.

Good low and high temperature properties. Long life resistance to oxidation, low evaporation rate, excellent plastic lubricant.

Ball bearings in Oven fans/ driers/ conveyors/ electric motors. Lubrication of Plastic components, clutch thrust bearings.

Ele. Maintenance spray.

Universal maintenance product for all electrical and electronic equip. Displaces and seals out moisture. Protects against oxidation and lubricate, penetrates and cleans at the same time. Very low surface tension, high capillary action and strong affinity for metals. It releases rusted and frozen parts.

Al electrical equip. Eliminates breakdown due to poor environmental exposures, such as flooding/ high humidity/ salty air etc.

Anti corrosion spray.

It forms a thin, invisible film that never dry and brittle and penetrates into finest cracks and pores. Effective protection in corrosive atmosphere containing salt acids, caustic vapours.

Can be applied on iron, steel, alu, brass, copper. It is primarily for indoor use.


Is a mild stable and inert cleaner. Meant for cleaning highly sensitive electronic precision equip. Highly purity – leaves no residues. Non-flamable,non-staining, and stable.

It is used for removal of light contaminants, dust, lint, moisture, atmospheric or light oils.

Regular grade.

It is Anti-seize lub. Compound. Resist water wash out and salt action, will not dissolve in spray. Contains no silicon, lead, no reaction with any other metal.

Facilitate assembly and disassembly of press fits, splines, lighter, leak proof threaded joints in hot and cold lines handling water, steam, oil, chemicals etc.

-180 degC to +1100 degC

Nickel special.

Excellent heat dispersing qualities. Resi –sts galvanic action between dissimilar metals. Resistance to strong alkaline solutions.

Minimizes corrosions on fasteners in exhaust manifolds and boilers. Prevents seizers at high temp. common  to power generating plants and steel mills.

-183 degC to +1400 degC


It is stabilized, fast acting, solvent blend for cleaning & degreasing of ele. Motors & eqip. Very effectively removes oil, grease, wax, dirt, moisture etc. that causes current leakage and electrical inefficiencies. 

Electric motors, high voltage switch gears, air conditioners, blowers, bus bars,circuite breakers, coils, pumps, relays, testers, transmitters, transformers, etc. etc.