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Fire Retardant Coating






UGAM 141098 Fire Retardent Coating.

Ugam coat is the best fire fighting  solution today. It itself extinguishes fire, stops fire from spreading, localizes and slows down the burning process, giving additional time for rescue operations.

It can be easily applied on the walls of house / commercial / industrial buildings, filing cabinets / furniture, electrical cables, cable covers, wooden / plastic / thermo- coal objects, articles, store rooms, life saving capsules, machinery etc.

UGAM water proof paint.

Water proof and damp proof coating. Exceptionally good water protecting properties. Resistant to abrasion and chemical attacks. Excellent bonding properties. It is anti – carbonation damp preventive long life finish coat.

In every industrial commercial and domestic application wherever water seepage / leakage problem is there from ceiling / side walls.

UGAM Supertherm Heat Resistant coating  +1800 deg C

Ugam Supertherm Heat Resistant coating is specially developed for coating furnaces from inside as well as exterior. The coating increases the life of furnaces bricks or the material used for the interior of the furnace wall. This coating also prepare a heat barrier film, which saves around 20% of the costly fuel.

UGAM Supertherm is suitable for practically all types of furnaces.




Universal primers for wood, metal & cement. Red oxide primers for metals Antirust zinc chrome primers, zinc phosphate primers. And primers for special purpose as per requirements.

Water base primers

The only primer suitable for interior as well as exterior use. Suitable for all types of domestic applications.

PVC underbody coatings.

Specially manufactured for automobiles. Used in place of Bituminous Sound Deadner and gives much better anti chipping properties as well as durability compared to conventional bituminous coatings. Has exceptionally well weather resistance, heat resistance and water repellant properties.


Thermal insulation and waterproof coatings for roof, walls, terraces and useful on concrete, plastic, metal.  Gives around 20 degrees difference in peak summer and shown no sign of leakage in rainy season. Reduces energy cost up to 25 percentage and warranted for ten years.

Fire Retardant paint.

Unique formulation for Fire Retardant properties. It works by blocking the oxygen in nearby area hence stopping the fire spread. It also forms a charred layer, which does not allow the substitute to catch fire both by ignition & induction. It is proven product and has tremendous potential where fire prone areas are located.

Fire and Heat Resistant paints.

Fire resistant paints for 1hr, 2hr, & 4hrs protection. Heat resistant paint of different ranges i.e. 200deg., 400deg. 600deg. 900deg. 1200deg. And 1800deg. Heat resistance with special and unique formulations. Pioneers in this field in India. Useful for furnace applications both from interior & exterior to prevent energy loss up to 20%.


Special purpose thinners for Epoxy, NC. Polyurethane, Polycoats and acrylic paints and general purpose thinners.

Chemical Resistant.

Products are having excellent chemical resistance and are widely used in chemical industries. Special products are also manufactured as per your specific requirements / demands.

Heat and Chemical resistant.

These products are having heat resistance up to 300 deg. C and chemical resistance to almost all mild chemicals. Special formulations on request.

Elestomeric coatings.

It is a product which has 300% elongation at break. It is based on modified acrylic latex and is useful as coating over expansion joints. It is also used as water proof coating for terraces. It has excellent weathering properties. Too.

Water Repellant paint.

Ready to use water repellant for coating over painted surfaces, base structures and also for filling the cavities of concrete surfaces. It also can be used as injection grouting for leaking roofs. It is totally colourless and can be applied  as final finish. It can be applied on décor stones and decorative brick structure. It stops almost all absorbing surfaces from absorbing water and make them water proof. 

Acrylic sealants.

These sealants are widely used as material for expansion joints of the buildings. It is used also as crack filler and concrete repair. Since it always maintains its elastic properties, it does not allow the cracks to open again even if there is movement between the surfaces where it is applied. This reduces development of further cracks and the life of building or product on which it is applied can be increased. It also can be applied over terraces to fill the cracks and make them water proof.