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Welcome To Our Website!

Vardhaman Engineering is a reputed house dealing in Long Term cost effective Synthetic Lubricants, greases, and Oils. e. g. Hi temperature , non – melting grease for bearings, Silicon oil and grease, Anti seize paste, hi- temperature Chain oil. Industrial Paints and coatings like fire retardant paint, paint primers, thinner, heat resistant paints.


1. SELCO SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS.Tomorrow’s lubricants today. High Temp. Grease, Teflon   base Grease, Silicon Grease, Chain & Rope oil, Hydraulic Pneumatic Oils, Anti-seize and so on to meet every industry
2. PYRAMID -RUST CONVERTOR Complete solution on controlling rust
3. UGAMCOAT- FIRE RETARDENT SYNTHETIC COATINGS Fire prevention is better than fire fighting. UGAM coat is the best FIRE PREVENTION solution of today
4 UGAMCOAT M/s Ugam Chemicals  (A 9000 – 2001 ISO Co.)manufacture paints for each and every requirement of industries.

      To name few of it, is as follows

  1. Heat Resistant Paints. ( up to 1800 deg. C )
  2. Heat Resistant paint with insulating properties.
  3. Heat and Chemical Resistant paints.
  4. Heat and Corrosion resistant paint
  5. Heat and UV Resistant paints.
  6. Fire Retardant paint – Water base, Solvent base.
  7. Acid Resistant paint.
  8. Road Marking paints.
  9. Water Repellant paint.
  10. Fungus Resistant paints.
  11. Acrylic paints.
  12. Epoxy paints . and so on.